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Eulogy of Curtis Webb Caine, Sr, M.D.

Eulogy of Curtis Webb Caine, Sr, M.D.
by Darrell Castle

I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of my dear friend Dr. Curtis Caine. He lived 97 years and would probably admonish me for that sentence because he wanted to be just Curtis, no matter how much I felt obligated to honor him with the title of doctor.

I am sad right now but Curtis is not sad anymore. He is not sad because as Jesus told his disciples when they had finished their last supper together, where I’m going you cannot come but you will join me later. I know that Curtis has joined him now along with his beloved wife Lynn

Curtis was born in New Orleans on October 13, 1921 and married Evelyn (Lynn) Johnson at the age of 19 and they were married for 69 years. He graduated from Tulane University Medical School and moved to Jackson Mississippi where he became the first anesthesiologist in Mississippi. He practiced medicine for 60 years and he once told me that he performed anesthesia services for the delivery of over 4000 babies.

He served as an officer in the United States Navy during World War ll in the medical corps so he truly was part of the greatest generation. I had the pleasure of knowing Curtis for many years and in that time we worked together in an effort to save our country from its most bitter enemies. It has been a long and difficult struggle but I am glad that I had the privilege of fighting beside him.

Curtis was one of the original members, not just of the Constitution Party but of the conservative movement itself. He was a pilot for many years and owned his own plane, so when Howard Phillips endeavored to visit and speak in all 435 congressional districts, Curtis flew him from one place to another.

He was perhaps the best wordsmith that I have known and one of the most knowledgeable people on the Constitution. Curtis was always quick to point out grammatical errors in documents or letters and how the sentences could easily be made more coherent and more correct. Always gracious in his critique, I’ve never heard him say a bad word about anyone.

He served as the Parliamentarian of the Constitution Party from its founding until he was no longer physically capable of doing it. When I expressed doubt regarding whether the struggle was worth it all, he would admonish me to stay in the fight as long as I could no matter what happened. If I was tired, or angry, or hurt by criticism, Curtis said just keep fighting and never give up.

I was honored to attend his funeral service at the first Baptist Church of Jackson Mississippi on Saturday, January 5, 2019. Curtis served that church as an active deacon until he was 89 years old and moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee to live with his daughter.

To his family and friends outside the Constitution Party and the flying physicians organization he was involved in, he was seen as father, grandfather, co-worker, friend, etc. I am not really sure that the people in that funeral service understood that they were saying goodbye to a truly great man. He used all 97 years that God gave him to spread the Gospel, stand publicly strong for the Constitution and the Constitution Party. He never hesitated to share his love and fears for America and gave his time, energy and financial support.

I am here to give testimony that Dr. Curtis Caine, Sr. was a true American Patriot and dear friend and he will be missed. There just aren’t many like Curtis left in this country.

So, until we meet again?

Darrell Castle
2016 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate

July 2019
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