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  • Riding the Train to World War III
    Darrell Castle talks about America’s latest war which it is fighting along with its NATO allies against Russia on the battlefields of Ukraine while riding on the train to World War III. Transcription / Notes: RIDING THE TRAIN TO WORLD WAR III Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 26th day of May in the year of our Lord 2023 and this is also the Friday before Memorial Day which for most of us is a three-day weekend but it is also a time to pause from our barbecue grills and remember those who have fallen over the roughly two and one-half centuries of America’s existence. In that vein I will be talking about America’s latest war which it is fighting along with its NATO allies against Russia on the battlefields of Ukraine and on the train to World War III. Before I start, I must tell you that next weekend my dear wife and I are going to spend some time with our daughter and son-in-law so no Castle Report next week. God willing, I will talk to you again on Friday the 9th of June. Today’s Report concerns the frightening escalation of the war in Ukraine which is obviously a war between America and its NATO allies against Russia. Ukraine is the battlefield and it is remarkedly similar to the battlefield the Russians fought on about 80 years ago. That war, fought on the plains of Kursk and this one just a few miles west of Kursk in what is now Ukraine. The battles raging now are primarily on the eastern border of Ukraine and Russia in virtually the exact area that Germany fought the Soviet Union in some of the greatest armored battles in history. So, the Russians should have that area indelibly etched in their collective memories since they have been fighting off invaders in that region for centuries. They fought the Mongols, they fought Napoleon, and they fought Hitler, but the difference is that this time the Russians are the invaders or so it seems. Many people have accused me of being on the side of Russia in this war but I only say that Russia has valid and understandable reasons to not want NATO on its border only 300 miles from Moscow. Would the United States allow an alliance between Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea physically located only 300 miles from Washington DC. With this administration I suppose it’s possible but I hope not. This new conflict that Russia is fighting has something that separates it from all the other wars I just mentioned and that is central to our discussion today. The thing that makes this conflict so incredibly dangerous is the fact that in just about 15 minutes a great deal of humanity could be removed from the planet along with the elements of nature that make life possible. I point out to you that the government of the United States is constantly flirting with that very disaster by constantly escalating the conflict despite all prior statements to the contrary. President Biden said emphatically no warplanes to Ukraine out of a desire not to escalate and antagonize Russia but today we will see how he has changed his mind. The war gets wider and more dangerous just as it seems to be cooling off. The US makes promises or I suppose statements would be a better word but then violates the promises or changes to other statements as Ukraine’s position on the battlefield changes. It’s hard to determine the truth about which side is prevailing on the battlefield from day to day but one thing is certain. Ukraine is being destroyed by this war and it is starting to look like Hamburg after World War II. When Ukraine loses a battle as it apparently has in Bakhmut, the US will escalate and send in new weapons to make it worse. The recent fighting in Bakhmut which it is now clear that the Russians prevailed is a case in point. The city had a population of about 70,000 before the two sides decided to use it as a battleground. It now has a population of about zero and the buildings literally look like bombed out German cities.
  • Stolen Elections and the Idea of America
    Darrell Castle discusses the Durham Report and argues that it proves that the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the CIA conspired with the Hillary Clinton campaign to steal the 2016 Presidential election. Transcription / Notes: STOLEN ELECTIONS AND THE IDEA OF AMERICA Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 19th day of May in the year of our Lord 2023. I will be talking about the report that the nation has waited four years for Special Counsel John Durham to deliver. The report confirmed something that I have been arguing for many years now and that is that everything in government is corrupt and not to be trusted. The U.S. government has been taken over and destroyed by its ruling elite which is destructive of the Constitution and destructive of even the idea of America. The idea of America, the idea held by the founders and by the US Government throughout much of its existence is that instead of being subjects to royal or imperial power, people in America could run their own lives and govern themselves.  The Durham Report revealed that to no longer be the case in America. The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice colluded with the Hillary Clinton Campaign to rig the 2016 presidential election and apparently CIA operatives working illegally within the US managed it all. The Report consisting of 316 pages reveals incontrovertible proof that federal law enforcement was weaponized to shield the Hillary Clinton Campaign and persecute the campaign of Donald Trump. You might be surprised to learn as well that the CIA, prevented by law from acting within the United States, was nevertheless, also involved in the chicanery. That shouldn’t surprise anyone since the CIA is involved in rigging elections and financing Coups all over the world. It’s only natural that it should also interject its massive funding and manpower into rigging American elections as well. Yes, we are supposed to be a country based on principles, not one based on brute force and mafia-like corruption. Power corrupts the mind and morals and humans have proven throughout history that they will find a way to cheat. The idea of America was to leave choices up to the people. Who would occupy the White House, that was up to the people to decide. The laws, rules, and regulations to govern would be decided by the people through their own representatives. No king, no emperor, would tell them what flag they would fly, the people would be free to decide for themselves. No one with a royal title, no one called your excellency, no one called your lordship would rule over them. No one had to bend his knee to those he elected to govern for him. Americans could hold their heads up individually and collectively because they walked proud and free. If there were stupid, non-sensical government decisions to be made they would be able to make them all by themselves. In the case in point, things were made to happen outside the will of the people to subvert their will and take their right to decide their own government stupidity from them. How were they to know since they trusted the most honored FBI agents whom they knew risked their lives to protect them from very bad people. How were they to know what the very mysterious CIA was doing in their own country. How could they know that Hillary Clinton was conspiring with all those organizations and people to rig the 2016 presidential election. Cheating in a baseball game was a scandal, but conspiring to steal a presidential election and subvert the will of the people was unthinkable. This view, the real view, reality, is so offensive to many people that they refuse to accept it. The government, after all, is benign, impartial, and looking out for all of us. Certainly no one in my political party would do such a thing. Many people lived and grew up in small towns where people knew each other and trusted each other. Democrats and Republicans worked side by side in the factories and the fields and th...
  • The Skeletons Report
    Darrell Castle talks about the one politician who is telling the truth in America today and discusses some of the skeletons in his closet. Transcription / Notes THE SKELETONS REPORT Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 12th day of May in the year of our Lord 2023. Empires live and empires die just like people but is it possible to reign in the empire and save the republic before it dies or leads us into World War lll. Is there anyone willing and able to speak the truth and ask the right questions about what this government is doing and why it is doing it in politics today? Politicians in general almost never do anything helpful, and they usually do the opposite of the thing that would be most helpful. Is there any politician out there today who is willing to ask the right questions to reign in the empire and possibly save the republic. I did get some very encouraging words from the announcement speech of Robert F. Kennedy, jr. He said one of his goals was to end the divide but so far nobody can find a good or safe way out of that divide. He would do that by encouraging people to talk about the values that we have in common rather than the issues that keep us apart. Most importantly, he said “I am going to do that by telling the truth to the American people.” Well that would be a pleasant change wouldn’t it because it is now difficult or impossible to hear a politician tell the truth about anything. The truth can be a very shocking thing and so rare that it is hardly ever recognized for what it is. Normally the truth is maligned or put down as a conspiracy theory because we simply cannot or will not accept the shocking nature of it. Like truth, trust in government is extremely rare and hard to find these days. In 1960 trust in government was 80% but today it is 22%. A recent poll done by ABC News showed 36% satisfied with Joe Biden’s performance as President but only 33% believe him to be honest and trustworthy. I suspect that people are tired of it all. They are tired of the government sending drag queens to recruit new sailors for the navy and expecting that navy to confront the Chinese Navy in the Pacific. It just doesn’t make any sense and people want to know why we are doing it. The high cost of war and maintaining the empire or the military, security, intelligence, state should make us question it even if we think it is doing the right thing. What do we give up or forego when we send well over $100 billion in weapons and funds to Ukraine. Mr. Kennedy says that he is willing to ask those questions and, in fact, he proposes bringing America’s $1.5 trillion empire project to a close. He is a breath of fresh air because he is breaking the ties of the Democrat/Republican woke and war agenda as it has been proposed and conducted for decades. His proposals would present the dirty truth to the American people and get them out of the empire business. He proposes to bring the troops home and close many of America’s approximately 750 foreign military bases. Do we really need them, he asks, and if you say we do then what purpose do they serve. Do they make us safer or less safe. Under this proposal much of the military, security, and intelligence budget would be saved. Throughout my lifetime the powers that be, the global elite, or however you choose to refer to them, have been very good at putting America and with it the world in positions that make war inevitable. Once war is inevitable, well guess what, we get war. War benefits many just as it destroys many. In our system of bottomless credit, money to pay for it all is just a computer keystroke away, but it all goes on the balance sheet as debt. Ultimately, as Mr. Kennedy explained in his announcement speech, it amounts to a system of socialism for the rich and a grinding relentless capitalism for the poor. It is all those poor and middle-class people who have been destroyed by the system who could ultimately support him,
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