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Legislative Pro Life ALERT!

Legislative Pro Life ALERT!

Legislative Alert
*Initiative Petition Reform*

To Save the Pre-Born

In a state with a super-majority Republican presence, a small group of Liberty minded Missouri senators are fighting an uphill battle to preserve the lives of the unborn.  Why does this have to be such a struggle?  

Is this not our fight also?

This legislative alert is to share how you and I can help - right now - to save life and keep abortion legalization out of the Missouri Constitution.

Like many state constitutions, the People have the ability to propose amendments but unlike our federal constitution, these state constitutions allow for amendment ratification by a simple majority vote.  This is how abortion was enshrined in Ohio last November even though, like Missouri, the People have the representation of a veto proof Republican legislature.

How does that happen?  

It happens because of the tyranny of the majority, which allows the larger population areas to overrule a more widespread and diverse demographic throughout the state.

The image below from our friends at Missouri First illustrates how this works using the results of Missouri Amendment 3 from the 2022 election.

As you can see, while this passed with a simple majority, 86% of the counties in Missouri voted AGAINST this amendment!  With multiple proposed amendments promoting abortion and restricting gun rights, Missouri is destined for a repeat of this in 2024.  This is why we need your help!  Passing CMR (Concurrent Majority Ratification) will allow the rural districts to be represented in the initiative petition process!

SJR-61 is a proposal in the Missouri Senate to implement CMR to the Missouri Constitution.  It proposes that for any amendment to the Constitution to be ratified, it must have both a majority of the popular vote and a majority of Missouri House Districts.

For now, here is what you can do to make your voice heard and your influence felt if you want to preserve life for the Pre-Born in Missouri and preserve our right of self-defense.

There is a public hearing for SJR-61 scheduled for 2:00 pm this Monday, September 29 at the State Capitol in Hearing Room SCR-2.  You can…

  1. Submit a witness form (open with this LINK) to send your message to the Local Government and Elections Committee, in support of SJR-61 (Concurrent Majority Ratification) prior to the hearing;

  2. If possible, you can attend the hearing at the Missouri State Capitol and speak to the measure;

  3. Share this message! 

Abortion proponents and enemies of Liberty have discovered that the current initiative petition process in the states is their tool to advance their agenda on greased skids.  Instead, you and I can…

Advance the Cause of Liberty

Thanks for what you do!

Come home to the Constitution Party!

Paul Venable - Chairman
The Constitution Party of Missouri

1999: Name changed to “Constitution Party” by delegates at the National Convention to better reflect the party’s primary focus of returning government to the U.S. Constitution’s provisions and limitations.


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